3rd Party Incident Investigation

What happens after an accident?

How do we work to prevent future reoccurrences?

Why did it happen?

What secondary factors contributed to it?

How could it have been prevented?

All these are important questions any company is likely to ask after a major incident. A workplace investigation then becomes necessary to answer those questions and provide the company with an official result. The main objective of a workplace investigation is to gather unbiased and reliable facts to help you make an informed decision, reducing the risk of exposure to expensive litigation, against your business and management team. Workplace investigations are also tallied as elements of due diligence when Occupational Health and Safety is involved.

Hiring a third-party investigator helps distance the process from the personalities of the individuals involved and the existing relationships, by offering an unbiased and professional approach that instills confidence and trust. It will also help protect you and your management team if the matter goes to litigation. Companies often carry the burden of proof in workplace disputes or citations, and bringing in an outside professional reduces the influence of the company’s bias.

Here are some points to consider before contracting an independent investigator.

  • Proven professional record: Ideally the company hires a professional with a thorough, structured approach, and who is capable of making credible assessments. Hiring a professional with a bad record may reflect on the company by perpetrating the bias.
  • Quality of the report: A high quality written report helps in presenting management with solutions for preventing future incidents of this type, as well as detailing all the factors preventable and non-preventable which contributed to the incident occurring. The more pertinent information a report contains, the better informed decision management can take.
  • Confidentiality: The investigator should only discuss the process with those essential to the information gathering process. Leaking information about the investigation to non-essential personnel can bring additional pressure on the individuals involved.

The investigation must also deal with your company’s historical efforts to provide an incident-free workplace, including measures taken previously regarding similar hazards. Proving your company’s due diligence adds to the peace of mind and allows your company to move forward from the incident.

To cover the aspects enumerated above and many more, Moeger Resources Ltd. now offers independent 3rd Party Incident Investigations. We provide confidential, professional, and in-depth investigation reports for any type of workplace incident. Our qualified team gathers all the information required, verifies all the necessary documentation, and provides a full report. These reports will also including actions recommended to prevent reoccurrence, possible disciplinary action requirements, and subsequent measures which also may be required. Additionally, we can assist you in identifying areas of improvement if the case may be.


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