Health and Safety Program Auditing

Internal and External Audits are conducted to measure the effectiveness of a health and safety program to an industry standard. Health and Safety Program audits are required to continue with COR certification. Without COR, audits can also be performed simply to ensure the Health and Safety Program is followed.

Internal Audits are conducted yearly and can be conducted by an employee of the company as long as they are Peer Certified Auditor. These audits are submitted to the COR Certifying partners for approval and record keeping.

External Audits are conducted every 3 years by a Certified Peer Auditor not employed by the company. This ensures an honest and comprehensive review of the program. External Auditors can be contracted independently or scheduled through the COR Certifying partners. External Audits can sometimes take 3 months prior to being assigned an Auditor. When unsure as to whether the program will pass, or if the deadline is tight, independent auditors are convenient.

Preparation Audits are conducted internally by companies thinking of applying for COR or simply wanting to identify their weak points in their own safety program. These preparation audits are not submitted to any organization. The records remain with the company and recommendations can be implemented prior to applying for official audits.

Moeger Resources Ltd. offers independent auditing of Health and Safety Programs. We work with your timelines and budget to ensure your company’s certifications remain valid. Our vast experience auditing Health and Safety Programs allows us to identify issues rapidly, and present suggestions on how to improve them.

Our long list of satisfied clients reflects our positive attitude and professionalism.

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